Molly Livingstone

Public Speaker, comedian, and Host in Israel

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When I moved to Israel it seemed that the joke was on me. As a new immigrant who barely spoke the language and only had a vague understanding of what Zionism is, I found myself surrounded by new Israeli friends who laughed, not only about the Holocaust but even about terrorism.

Baffled, I slowly became accustomed to the dark humor because it did have a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It was a writer of the most popular satirical comedy show in Israel, “Eretz Nehederet,” that got to the punchline, so to speak. He said, “There is nothing funny about the Holocaust, but there is everything funny in surviving it.”

So now that's what I do- I bring the light around the world, with comedy lectures, improvisation workshops and stand up shows, to explain our journey, whether it is being Jewish or not, Iiking Israel or just trying to understand it, the complicated peace process or just hummus. I put it all out there and make you a part of it. One laugh at a time.

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