Molly Moser

Writer, Traveler, and Metalhead in the United States

For the past couple of years, I've been experimenting and building my skills as a journalist.

Currently, I write employee newsletters for railroad industries. I strive to cover positive and inspiring stories for railroaders as they are facing challenges, such as the plummet of coal businesses and budget cuts.

I believe I am lucky to be a corporate journalist experiencing a time where transportation services in America are endeavoring to keep the world moving. I get to see the day-to-day lives of these employees and learn from them. Their stories and personalities are inspiring me to write about my experience someday.

As I am discovering forte in writing, I also enjoy covering stories about local businesses and people that bring a quality of life to their communities. I hope to write feature stories for publications and magazines in the future.

My writing has been featured in USA Today,, Reno Gazette-Journal, and Reno News & Review. I'm building up my experience in broadcast; I produced Reno's most watched morning news show, and feature stories for Reno Public Radio and Nevada Media Alliance.

During an interview, I always enjoy getting to know the source on a personal level by asking them what they enjoy doing during their spare time. I guess it's my turn to answer that: metal shows, video games, playing guitar, exercising, spending time with family, reading, obsessing over owls, and expanding my palate by cooking.

I was born and raised in Ocean City, New Jersey, and lived in Northern Nevada for majority of my life. I'd like to say my current whereabouts vary as I frequently travel the country, to gather and publish news.

Let's bump into each other sometime.

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