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Dear Person on the Internet Who is Reading This,

Hello! How are you? I am not sure if I know you, so I'm writing this with the thinking that you don't.

Perhaps you Googled "Molly Thornberg" or maybe not. For whatever reason - I guess I'll give you a little background to who I am.

My name is Molly Thornberg. I wear many hats - but in some form or fashion I am always creating.

I have worked in digital media for the last 21 years. It's funny to think about my online footprint began with Gopher and BBSes (yes, I'm a geek.)

As a teenager, I began building web sites. It was plain HTML back in the day and anyone could rank for anything on search engines. It was quite comical, especially with knowing what the SEO landscape looks like today. Web design turned into digital marketing.

The early web years laid the foundation for my career in digital.

In the corporate world, I led companies in taking their branding, products, services and marketing from the offline space to the online space.

As time passed and the online space has grown, my focus is now in educating and helping small businesses grow their businesses online and offline at Online Small Business Coach.

That's the professional me. Here is a little about the personal me.


What you see is what you get. That phrase may have started with web editors, but I've taken that as my motto. I strive to be transparent and like to keep it real.

Grace and humor get me thru each day. My love language involves sending and receiving funny memes. Hobbies? Why yes! My hobbies include Instagram stories, drinking sweet wine, and spending time with my people (but then I spend time alone because I'm a total introverted extrovert.)

When I was 17, I met a boy and at 19 married him. Sean and I have 4 kids ranging from elementary to high school. I'm also a dog mom to a pug, named Guy and golden doodle named Suzan. We live in a small rural community outside of Dallas, on a yellow farmette.

In 2003, I began blogging about being a mom. In 2009, I launched Digital Mom Blog to help parents learn about technology for kids, family and the home. Onalytica recently named me as one of the top 25 US mom blogger in 2018.

If you read this far, give yourself a pat on the back and hug - because wow. You are now informed on who Molly Thornberg is and I hope this info overload gave you the details that you wanted.

Now that I've told you my life story (well, almost) - tell me about you. Below are my social links - let's connect.

Grace and peace,

Molly Thornberg

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