Molly Warendh

My name is Molly, and I am, among many things, a musician. I've been practicing music since I was born. Sitting on the floor while my mother cooked, my chubby infant hands reached for anything that would make noise. I quickly realized which would make the loudest: the aluminum pans in the cupboard if I reached just right; the family dog if I managed to sneak a grab; the metal spoons I could bang against, well, anything. This habit, however, quickly earned me a spot in the high chair, buckled and all. My mother would likely argue that here, loudly petitioning my restrictions, is where I found my voice.

Since my early days, I've been perfecting my art. I've upgraded from the aluminum pans to the drums, from our poor dog's yelp to the guitar. I truly believe music is never mastered, it's an ever-growing and ever-changing process (or maybe that's just something I tell myself when my own music doesn't sound like I want it to, who knows). That's what makes it art.

I've found that I can relate music and music composition to most things in my life; academic, personal, or professional. Like many things, music is about tuning and finding a steady beat to stick to, one that expresses you. There isn't a singular 'goal' or final 'destination' to reach, it's about learning what feels best for you, and what allows you to tell your story. It just so happens that music is a large part of mine.