Thabiso Moloi

My name is Louis Thabiso Moloi, i’m a 21 year old male. I stay at Ratanda Heidelberg where I matriculated in 2011. Currently i’m doing my 3th year at University of Johannesburg studying B ed in Further Education and Training. Honesty and caring are my first priorities of my values. I love going to church every sunday and reading my Bible before i sleep, therefore Christianity is part of my religion that i follow wherever i go. Most of the time i spending playing video games which helped me to be more familiar with technology and also become more literate with computers that we use in campus.

As a pre-service Life Orientation and Tourism teacher, I also like reading online articles to be more knowledgeable about the subject content. I’m very interested in Social networks, therefore i want to learn how to use internet services to communicate, create authentic online activities for my learners and group chats where several tasks will be discussed. I find communication and group studies as a key to overcome learning difficulties, so i need to be more literate about using online tools to create environment that enhances effective teaching and learning.

In my academic years, i subscribed several tools and services which include: weebly, facebook, twitter, Gmail account, Google scholar and slideshare. Technology simplify tasks that seem to be impossible to do, because you find many solutions from several components. Therefore i use technology in my teachings by providing an environment where learners are able to go and gather information on their own from the internet using computers, tablets and cellphones. I also use technology in the classroom whereby i bring papers that portray subject content need to be discussed, as well a projectors for learners for learn by seeing and a radio for learners who learning by listening. Technology is important to be used in the classroom to effectively achieve teaching and learning goals.