Missouri, USA

I am 19 years old. My birthday is March 14th. I am a NEET and not proud of it. I quit college to study what I wanted to.

I love video games, anime, manga, and Japanese entertainment in general. I enjoy doujinshi as well, especially the erotic, kemono kind.

My favorite kinds of video games are role-playing games. I enjoy any kind of RPG. My favorite video game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. I can usually beat it in under 2 hours, which isn't that good, but still decent. A personal goal is to play every single RPG ever made. I don't play multiplayer games. I like osu!. I don't play multiplayer osu! because I don't like playing songs that I don't want to play.

I like children's anime, but also super "deep" anime. I love cute anime girls. My favorite anime is Smile PreCure.

I have translated several kemono doujinshi. The most notable of them is the Love Maintenance series, with a lot of help from Traumafox. Me, Traumafox, and Kaenpochi created Kemonono Translations, whose goal is to provide high-quality translations for kemono doujinshi authors.

My goal is to become a professional translator. My Japanese is pretty awful (not nearly good enough to be able to communicate efficiently without a dictionary or something similar) but it is enough to translate. I'm hoping to improve by translating things. I learned most of my Japanese from video games.

I am a Twitter addict. I mostly tweet about lewd things or things I feel like tweeting about. Occasionally a tweet about translating. If you want to contact me and get a quick response, mention / DM me on Twitter. I'll probably reply within seconds or minutes if I'm awake. My Twitter is locked, but I'll probably accept your follow request as long as you don't look like you want to role-play with me. I also talk to anyone. DMs are awkward but if you really want to then okay.

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    • NEET
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    • High School