Don Crawford

My name is Don. I am several years into college with no foreseeable end. I am a Psychology major, a Biology minor, and I eventually want to become a Genetic Counselor, or any kind of counselor or psychologist really. I was a Biology major for about 2 years before I switched to Psychology, if you were wondering. I have no formal or informal training in writing, at least not any outside of the public education system. So prepare yourself for my utterly plebeian ramblings.

I love reading, writing, music, video games, sarcasm, graphic design, psychology, genetics, arguing, coffee, Dr Pepper, food, and most of all, God. I have finished writing two so-called novels, but they're no where near publishable so I’ve been working on other things while I edit them slowly. I’ve also written several short stories, along with many poems and song lyrics. If I had any decent instrumental talent I would try and turn the lyrics into actual songs.

I few things about my personality before I finish. I am sarcastic to the point where it's a lifestyle, and loving it. I am a situational grammar nazi. For example, I dislike the misuse of words like ironic, but I enjoy ending sentences with prepositions. I think that's enough about my idiosyncrasies.

So that’s about it, if you want to get to know me more feel free to let me know by email. I love meeting new people. I'm not good at it, but I like it nonetheless.