Craig Molyneaux

Leigh, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

My name is Craig Molyneaux, and I'm an IT Professional, a Musician, an Artist, and most importantly, a Graphic Designer. I am the founder, owner and designer at Molyneaux Design.

My speciality is branding and logo creation. I've designed many logos for various projects all around the world for companies of all sizes, and for individuals in their personal projects.

I've never studied design in a school, I recieved no certificates, no gold stars and I didnt wear a cap and gown, and had someone shake my hand and tell me that I had learned how to be a designer. Instead, my eye for what looks good, my artistic nature, my computer skills and my sheer determination to sucseed in life has lead me down this path.

I'm still learning - when you think you know everything, its time to give up, but I know im good at what I do, and I want to show YOU the same.

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