Amber Perry

Tucson, Arizona

Let me tell you a bit about myself so we can become better acquainted, shall I?
My name is Amber (duh!) and I am a Mom to 5 beautiful, wonderful little girls. My husband is currently in the U.S Air Force, stationed in Arizona, where we have made our home for the last 5+ years.
I am a craft loving, book devouring, baby squeezing sort of woman. I love to create; food, clothes, crafts, you name it and I am interested in making it. I own a small library (or so I think of it) and dream of the day my books encompass my home. I'm a bit nerdy like that.
At this time, I am doing all that I can to become a certified Doula (through DONA Int.) My goal is to one day (after much training, schooling and certifications) become a Midwife and own my own Birth Center. Right now, I am attending school to become a Nurse as well as looking into my options so that I may become a Lactation Consultant as well as a Childbirth Educator. I have a great respect for a woman and her body's ability to do miraculous things. I also am completely in awe of the miracle that is birth. To be able to experience those things with a woman and her family is a great joy to me. There is no greater pleasure of mine than that of watching a person become a parent for the first or 5th time. The shock, reverence and absolute love that fills a birthing room takes my breath away. I hope to never lose that feeling.

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