Mom Van

I'm a midwestern mom who frequently wonders which minvan is mine in parking lots all over my suburban town. You'll find my van parked at Target, Costco, the school carpool line, and other places native to minivan people.

Members of the frequent rider program of my mom van include two boys (preschool and a tween) who enjoy playing minivan DJ with a mindnumbing mix of Kidz Bop, random pop songs, and the Frozen Soundtrack while asking if we are there yet and if I have the car charger for the DS, iPad, iPod, or portable DVD player.

One of my favorite possessions is an in-car vacuum that I've been known to use at stoplights. I also find a stash of baby wipes to be an extremely useful cleaning tool for cup holders, dashes, seats, floormats, and grubby little humans. I also love my sattelite radio which I sometimes remember to change from the Kidz Bop station when my kids aren't in the car.

When I'm not in my van, I like to read many "mom blogs" (see the list of blogs I read in the column on the right of the blog). I'm pretty sure this blog is the equivalent of a cover band. Enjoyable, sure. But, I don't even begin to compare myself to the original, REAL blogs that happen to be written by moms about their momness.