Shelagh and Lara

When a woman puts the word mom in front of entrepreneur it puts a focus on her priorities. She is running a business while running her family. That is the lens through which we see the world.

At conferences, there are many insights that are shared. An insight on its own doesn't change your business. Insight without action will not produce results. We are not a conference. At the MomBizResult, we're all about action. We bring business insights to life and give you the tools to build and implement them immediately in your business.

We keep MomBizRetreat small. This intimate setting allows us to offer you individual, customised and personalized training and coaching specific to your business and your needs. We take the time to open doors that are holding you back. We also wine, dine and pamper you – because you deserve it.

Your job as a mom entrepreneur is to set the course, or the philosophy to build your business. You focus on selling, and delivering to your customers. Let us help you build the foundations to help you grow; to understand your skills, styles and strengths; to narrow down your niche and your target market, to nail your elevator pitch and to build your business growth plan.

We believe in your value, your worth and you.