Mo'men Basel

Earth Planet

A 18 Years Old Computer-Geek , Lazy Web-Developer , originally From Cairo , Egypt

Php , JS Lover

I prefer breaking things over making things. As a child, I was always fascinated on how things work – eventually I’d just pull them apart until they broke. As a computer nerd

I Believe All technologies contains bugs

Used to be a #Dreamer #Geek, #Hacker. In an Open Relationship with Information Technology, TechnoThings and Open Source.

I'm a Security Researcher and a Web Application Pentester, Yes i was a Black with a Hat and turned to be a White Angel :-).

Got Thanked, Rewarded and Listed in dozens of Hall of Fames of Big Internet companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, Sony, Paypal , Microsoft , Apple , Github , United , Uber , ,Coinbase , WordPress, Netflix , Twitter , Vimeo , Sound Cloud , AT&T And More!

On My Way to Build My 1nd Startup