Momentary Times

Archie Bunker’s irreverent humor was as much a force in helping to end racism as were the other things done during the struggle for civil rights and equality.

As Gandhi said, “Everyone has a piece of the Truth.” And if we look beyond political or religious agendas, we as people, simple and plain, just people, can all come together to truly END homelessness in America.

When we join in laughter or tears, we share a bit of who we are and why, but our deepest connectivity always starts with words. Momentary Times offers a beginning to one of the most important conversations this country will ever have. To put a face to an unfortunate statistic is to face the problem directly, and the film chronicles a journey into the lives of families, children, the young, the old, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, veterans, the afflicted, and the hopefuls. The documentary delivers people, raw and stripped of a basic necessity and right in life: shelter.

From February 1, 2011, Dan Mitchell traveled the country for 100 days. He worked tirelessly to build a consensus and achieve a networked collaboration of small businesses, churches, municipalities, corporate sponsors, neighbors, and unexpected, helpful-good Samaritans, found around the country, from the ground up.

This film is about documenting real and immediate ideas and solutions for the 1.5 million children that are homeless, each year, in our great country. It is the story of world seldom seen or experienced firsthand. Unique interviews with the homeless, shelter staff, experts in the field, organizations and their leaders, and everyday people will sum up the general burden of this reality. Case managers and those on the frontlines of social service will paint an important, candid and insightful portrait of the present, while doing away with misunderstandings, and explaining real issues: financial concerns, awareness, and even giving a platform to the "not in my back yard" (NIMBY) stance. The most poignant and deliberate goal of Momentary Times is to share the knowledge necessary to begin eradicating constant suffering, loss of dignity, vicious cycles from people's lives, and make the END TO HOMELESSNESS AN ATTAINABLE REALITY.

Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery, people, faith, reason, stereotypes, sadness, humor, facts, and amazing personalities. You too can be part of the solution.