Monique Rootsaert

So Cal Living; Nor Cal Roots

-My Book Cover-

Currently residing in San Diego as a student graduating in May with a B.A. in Recreation Tourism Management and an emphasis in Systems Management. I am eager for new opportunities to change my perspective on life. Whether that means residing in another country to work for a non-profit organization or traveling throughout America to engage in new experiences and meet inspirational human beings who enjoy sharing what they love doing with me. As I will be fresh out of college soon, I am using these young years to just be open to whatever that may be around the corner. My life is filled with human memories, thoughts, and adventures not with money. For one day, I too, will be buried with the soils of the earth. Life is more than what meets the eye. Share your story with other people, you'd be amaze how much we all have in common, but also what each of us holds as unique to only our personal story alone. And that's what I appreciate most about everyone; in every opportunity, whether it's sitting on a bench with a homeless man at a bus stop or even on a train ride up to LA. These humans, they have stories, stories that are worth telling, stories that are worth listening to, and stories that will change your perspective on life forever. Thank you all who have embraced on this journey of life with me, for I would not be who I am today without their stories and influences.

-Monique Rootsaert