Nelle Costello

The Middle of Massachusetts

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My name is Nelle. I have two jobs: Managing a store (paid) and managing a blog (unpaid). I am a much better store manager than I am blog manager. In the store, I accomplish things daily, without fail. In the blog, I accomplish things yearly... Sometimes semi-yearly, if I'm lucky. It has to be like this, otherwise I would quickly find myself fired and unemployable and eventually homeless.

I am prone to losing important things, such as phones and wallets, and I would never describe myself as punctual. I have a car and I sometimes lose this as well.

I have two adorable kitties. Their names are Katherine and Theodore and I love them dearly. They wake me each night, at roughly 3 AM. It is at this hour that they rapidly dart about the house for several minutes for no apparent reason. I haven't slept through a night since September of 2006!

I actually really hate the internet. It's gotten completely out of control! It sickens me to think that I am using it at this very moment! Despite my disdain for technology and the internet, I do encourage visits to my blog, located on the world wide web at

  • Work
    • Store Manager & Writer
  • Education
    • B.A. Political Science