Leila Lutz

Mosman, New South Wales

Leila began her career at Mosman Fitness First in 2003 where she was lucky enough to work withDonal Carr (CHEK IV, HLC III, Faculty) It was through curing her own illness and working with Donal, learning the C.H.E.K principles that she realised just how much more there is to the body and health than training. Leila's passion in her work is giving people the tools to listen to their own body and all the messages it sends each and every one of us. She believes that all of us have a perfect blue print of ourselves and that her purpose is to coach clients how to access and express their full potential.

In 2010, Leila realised that she needed to get out of the commercial gym environment and create a place where people could come and truly connect with and learn about themselves. And so the Momentum for Life studio was born. The Momentum for Life team is one of Leila's proudest achievements. Bringing an amazing group of practitioners together who share the vision to coach people to help themselves was a lifelong dream.

Leila is extremely passionate about bringing the C.H.E.K principles and courses to her clients and the health industry. This has brought her to being the Relationship Manager for Place of CHI, the official affiliate for the C.H.E.K Institute, directed by Donal and Cathy Carr. She is also the head of the C.H.E.K student council for Australia. www.placeofchi.com

Leila is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and Advanced Matrix Therapies and coaches clients and trainers through personal and emotional road blocks to achieve their ultimate health and career goals. This has also led her to be an excellent presenter and facilitator.

Leila continues through her C.H.E.K journey and will complete her Level 3 C.H.E.K Practitioner this year. She is also a mentor for FMA Strength Training. She is also in the process of becoming a Trainer in NLP to further her presenting and teaching skills.

  • Work
    • Director & Personal Trainer at Momentum for Life