Muhammad Omer Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

He is an avid gun collector. During the past 5 years, he has made a formidable collection of contemporary as well as vintage shooting instruments. He goes to the shooting range ever so often, to refocus himself and on his way back, is ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead once again.

This passion gives a sense of control that is precious to keep his cutting edge sharp as ever.


At Augere Pakistan, he has repositioned the brand and increasing the business volume.

At Band Brigade, he has breathed new life in a team that was on the doldrums of stagnation and complacency.

During his stint at Helium, he has honed the fine art of key account management. This involved, the task of deciphering the client brief; development of a suitable idea tailored to the specific requirements of the client, preparation of a cost effective proposal, and finally execution of the brand activation, when the job actually materialized. The complex task of manufacturing of activation paraphernalia, procurement of activation tools, hiring of implementation team, and finally of securing the most feasible routes and modes of logistics was handled well by him.

The success of any business entails maintaining of healthy relationships by its senior managers, within and without the company parameters. He has this unique ability to build and nurture strong, healthy, vibrant relationships and converting them into fruitful and meaningful end results. This ability ensures a healthy work environment, satisfied clients and happy workforce, working at the optimum level of their productivity.

He has a very high I.Q., but this certainly does not ensure success, it is the strong E.Q. that makes him as a valuable asset for his team members, as well as the clients. In times of crises, and there are indeed many, he acts as a rudder that steers the ship out of troubled waters.

The complex art of keeping the project feasible for the client, at the same time ensuring it profitable for the company has been mastered well by him.

To fulfill his inherent need to interact with fertile minds, he teaches as visiting faculty in one of the leading business schools in the country. This experience allows him to keep his creative juices flowing, as well as keeping abreast with the current trends in the academic arena.