Abir M Islam

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

•●● •●• ll♥ WELCOME TO ♣ MY PROFILE ♥ll •●• •●● HI, everybody...myself "Mominul Islam Abir" :: About me :: well... ►I am a simple human being... ►I like living in simplicity.... ►I love my Mom a lot... ►I love to pass quality time with my family members ►I love my FRIENDS...these ppl means a lot to me ►I rely don't give shit who hates me or dislike me but I care for ppl who care for me ►I am always interested in meeting new ppl and try to interact with different ppl... ►I hate show off..and ppl who make demselvz look better just to get attention..seriously thats lame!! ►I am allergic to Fake/Wannabeez/Liar/Mean/Cheap minded ppl!! ►I hate it when ppl are trying to impress me!I am a boy..who usually gets impressed by simplicity.. * to me relation doesn't matter a lot.....It's very much good to be single ►I love being treated normally..never try to b sumthing that i'm not..I am cute & very nice ones u get to know me..but i am very rude at the same time! ►I'm Hyper active by Default ►I love roaming around with my friends..Love races....concerts.....sports..shopping ►I'm very passionate about MUSIC... ►I'm a Movie,Animations & Games Freak ►I love to keep my room dark & clean(best place for me)♥ ►My craziness for chocolates,Ice cream,Pizza,Milk Shake,Chicken,Custard are just reach the skies haha *** ♥ ►I love Pizza..Fuska..Kabab ►I'm addicted to BLACK n White xD ►Best Friend Forever - Some1 ♥ ►I love chatting & also pumping my speaker's sound high.. ►I love windy weather a lot..love winter ♥ ►I love to sleep..i'm kinda little lazy but not lazyass I must say..and always punctual ►SMART....HANDSOME...DASHING...... Thats not all about me...But cant write an essay here so... :p

  • Education
    • Multimedia University
    • Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC)