Mommy Le Chic

Soccer Mom? Not! City Mom? Maybe! Suburban mom? Eh! Sometimes! Working Mom? ALL THE TIME! Aren't we all?! So who is Mommy Le Chic? I am New York City Mom from the Suburbs of Westchester who migrated from Brooklyn, NY. Get it?! I have a passion for all things Makeup and Hair and of course MOMMY! I LIVE for the latest lip stick or the newest shampoo! But nothing in the world is more important than my family! But now that I have two small children, how does this work? Well it didn't for a lonnnnng time! As for many of us new into motherhood, we get wrapped up in the "dos" and "don'ts" of this thing. What to wear and what not to wear. Lack of showers, poor diet, not hanging out with the gals, and just forgetting what we have in our closets because we NEVER wear them! After grasping this role "Mommy of two" I realized, this shouldn't and isn't as hard as people make it seem. I still get my weekly mani's and pedi's. I still go shopping, I still get my hair done and have dinner on the table and kids in bed at a decent time! And in the day I am mommy, teacher and best friend to my 2 little boys.

TRUST ME, it didn't come easy to me! When I took the time to process the random daily questions and comments/compliments on my hair, makeup and daily wear, I realized maybe I need to have a conversation with my fellow mommy's to get their opinion. Asking how many still got their hair done. 2 out of 7 still went to the salon regularly. Only one other person still managed their weekly manicures and when the "shower question" came out, the median answer was, middle of the night showers or "When ever I can!" WHY?!!? So in processing everything, I myself hit the blogs! I found little quirks here and there, but I didn't find the one that reached me. Nothing spoke to my daily routines or a routine that I wouldn't mind following. That's when I decided, Mommy Le Chic can't just live in my head, she needs to reach other mommy's so they too can feel and be MOMMY LE CHIC!

Mommy Le Chic will provide you with daily tips on the "How to's" and the "Where to's!" Fun and quick food options, drinks, style, daily funnies and ZEN! I will make sure to cover it all! Aren't we superhero's anyway!? Why not be Chic while wearing our capes!

Welcome to Mommy Le Chic!