Mommy Matter

MommyMatter is a community dedicated to bringing Moms together helping eachother through all the hard struggles of motherhood. With an abundance of information in parenting, family life, cooking, gardening and all the in between, MommyMatter has become your parenting central.

The authors of MommyMatter include Christine & Annette. You will quickly learn as you read through their website that they are actually Mother and Daughter. They teamed together to help other Moms make motherhood less stressful, with both being Moms themselves and experiencing just about every trial that can be thrown at them. You can learn more about Annette and Christine on their MommyAdvocates page. That is just their fancy way of saying this is their About Us page by the way!

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MommyMatter is always updating and there is always something going on. Don't miss out on anything and go to MommyMatter daily! This is one Mom community that is always doing something. You never have to feel like you are going through motherhood alone after reading these gals.

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