Jeronimo Gadea

We will pursue the development of works of contemporary architecture design, tailored to their physical environment, Political and Economic. Through the constant quest to achieve the best proposal with the least amount of formal and economic resources, and with the least impact to the environment.
Our study is characterized by the development of a comprehensive design process, combining functional and spatial premises raised by the principal, as well as physical limitations on land reduced, with budgets tight and economical.
For a perfect and complete interpretation of the proposal is designed, developed realistic images where the principal can see the whole before its construction, including dimensions and proportions, quantity and location of the entry of natural light and composition of materials used. The development of a thorough and complete documentation of work, reduces the margin of error in the Computer and Budget, streamlines the Times of Work, and allows a full interpretation of the Work by the Building Committee, either for performance or contribution, facilitating the delivery of the works in a timely manner.