Momo Mahadav

Momo Mahadav is the CEO of Maala – Business for Social Responsibility, Israel’s leading advocate for CSR and good corporate citizenship.

Maala works with 120 of Israel's largest corporations on developing the Isareli practice of "Doing Well by Doing Good". Maala also organizes the annual Maala Conference, Israel's central platform for discussion of CSR, and publishes the Maala CSR Index on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which serves is a leading benchmark for CSR preformace.

Momo joined Maala’s team in early 2006 as VP, before being appointed CEO in 2009. He specializes in leading complexed value based change processes within the business, public and social spheres.

Momo holds a master’s degree in Public Policy and a B.A. in Social Work, both from Tel Aviv University. His previous positions include serving as Director of the SPNI Tel Aviv Center for Environmental Action and coordinating city-wide projects at the Tel Aviv Municipality.