Momo Melody

Momo Melody

Hello! My name is Momo. I'm a youtuber and instagramer. I hope you like my about-me page! Hopefully it will give you a summary of my personality. Enjoy! 😊

-The picture shown is my bunny, Christmas. He's the best! I have had him since I was 8 years old! And I'm in my teens now!🐰

-my favorite animal is all of them! 🐶🙊🐮😸

-I'm a vegetarian🍃

-I love singing by myself, and listening to music wherever I go!🎵🎶

-I am a Christian🙏

-I feel like I have some connection with Wolves🐺

-I'm a writer and artist even though I know my art isn't the best😓😄

-I want to become an actress, but I kind of have a bit of stage fright...😐

-I watch MLP and some animes, like SAO and AOT.🌸

-I stay pretty quiet usually, but I will NOT be quiet if you mess with ANY living creature. From friends to animals.👍

-And lastly, I love all! I may not be able to show my face in many pictures, but this is for safety reasonings. You may find a couple around, but please DM me if you want to follow. Tell me your not a creep. Thanks!❤️

-Favorite thing to wear: sweaters and cozy things😊

-Favorite color: turquoise and yellow🌼💧


(Remember, these are not all of my friends, just a couple off the top of my head, so if I know you and your not on here, remember you are still my friend🌸)









-mak_the_cat_lover (sister)