Pamela Salo

Made it through High School, went to college, bounced around San Francisco, worked for the State of CA, was with boyfriend for 5 years, loved another, got married to another, had 3 children, something wasn't right, I wasn't in the right relationship, moved out, fell into another relationship, had another child, life became crazy and unmanageable, sometimes violent, sometimes fun, left open a door for problematic people to enter, tried to escape, drowning, gulping for air, was saved by a false savior, fought my way out from the place I'd let myself fall into, found sanity, peace, a spot to grow from, discovered I finally know myself, but will I have time enough to explore, to find why I was put on this earth, reconnect and help my children towards loving themselves despite all that's happened? I hope so because they are the most important beings to me and I love them all so much, but have I run out of time to make them know this and help them find peace. Or is just an endless cycle/curse that runs in our genes?