Sarah Lawrence Hinson

Life Coach in Wichita, Kansas

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Visionista - (like a barista, only with words, ideas, our personal energy and potentials) ... Also loves scientific inquiry and doing her best to begin to understand quantum physics.

Now regularly contributing to her self-hosted blog Mom On A Spiritual Journey, she writes about practical applications of homeopathy, essential oils, meditation, personal development tools and the latest in energy work and vibrational medicine in a family setting.

You can join the conversation on her Mom On A Spiritual Journey Facebook Page.

Sarah is using social networking to pass on information and raise awareness of the importance of the practical application of vibrational medicine and energetics (energy work and Personal Energy Management) in all of our lives, both at home and in the workplace. Get the latest on Twitter @SarahsEnergy.

Now creating a unique approach to the management and focus of our Personal Energy using a fusion of techniques and concepts in her New World Energetics practice. New blends created daily!

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