Mozartta H. Aria

Called me "Neptune" The student under the NMR.T.U.P School. I live in Samutprakarn, Thailand ..I like to listen a music type R&B,HIPHOP and use my comp ..looks like a general children

When I'm free, I enjoy sports with my friends. Our favourite sport is 'Dancing' ..My team name's Seeker Crewz ,haha We love it ..we never stop for practicing ..just think, If you do something and you cant stop it ,means you love it OK?

I dont have girlfriend, But I have someone for my mind and go on !!Umm .. that's my ex-gf .. the special lady who person means a lot for me .. Sometime I love her ...and sometime I hate her too.. I know I cant do anything for her ..just the one lady, never close for her ; (

Instagram; @Mozartta