unemployed in Canada

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hey heehee im michael

x he/him

x 15


id (dfi you share)

x kaito momota

i have other kins but i could honestly care less about doubles, just please dont follow doubles of my main id if you plan to follow me either



x danganronpa

x gta

x tyler the creator

x imas:cgss

please dont rq if youll openly make fun of my interests


personality stuff

x esfp

x neutral good

x type 9

x sanguine/choleric



x trevor philips

x maki harukawa (are you surprised)

x shin sato

x peko pekoyama

x gundam tanaka


x dfi you share/are friends with people who share an id with me

x dfi you are under 13 (ill make exceptions if youre about to turn 13 i guess)

x dfi youre over 21

x ask to follow if youre over 18 but under 21

x dfi youll never interact with me

x dfi you hate my interests or my friends (i'll know)


thanks for reading, just send me any blue emoji when youre done 🌌