Cheng Cheng

Small Business Owner, Mother, and Life Coach in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Previously stressed-out regional counsel and commercial director of Fortune 500 MNCs. Now cafe owner, entreprenuer, mother of 2 wonderful, rambunctious boys and wife to a good man and a brilliant lawyer.

I am the Chief Worrying Officer, Chief Wound Patcher and Wannabe Life Coach to my two boys. Occasional chess partner to my eldest son.

Still looking for better ways to bring up 2 kids into fine, kind, compassionate, happy, good, smart, wise young men without psychologically traumatizing them.

Trying to find room to be and often feeling guilty about not being a better Ever Loving Wife to an incredibly supportive other half, my Chief Cheerleading Officer, my sturdiest, unwavering rock in rocky times.

Working on plans to be a more loving and present daughter to parents who despite their odds gave me and my siblings the best lives that they did not have.

Trying to be a better sister to four of the smartest, most incredible people who happen by some divine accident to be genetically linked to me.

Trying though not always succeeding to be a better Business Owner, Opportunity Giver, People Helper.

Working on having less regrets in life.

Working on being better Prioritizer and building genuine relationships. And being just plain Better.

Hoping to be and working towards being a soul deserving of all the blessings I have received, working on expanding space for friends and other people whom God has blessed upon my life.

Still learning to love and give unconditionally, at all times.

Because life is finite.

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