Mo Muhidin

flick artist, Music, and Coffee in Hilliard, Ohio

“Anything that your mind can conceive, you can achieve.”
My living example of this powerful piece of advice. I have been a true entrepreneur from the time I was a child in Africa to my multiple present businesses in Hilliard, Ohio.
My beginnings in commerce began as a child working alongside my father in Africa. After being promised a small shop of my own if I performed well in school, I managed to not just earn my own shop selling food at the age of 14, but I got a taste of what it was like to provide something that people wanted.
Following in my father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, I began working as a supervisor in the coffee and tea industry. After leaving this business to focus on school, I soon realized I couldn't stay away – I began traveling from Tanzania to Kenya to sell clothing to provide for my extensive family. Following this stint in apparel sales, I began to work in the coffee industry yet again at the age of 16.

I soon came to the United States to further pursue my dreams and a career full of twists and turns. From politics to technology, I truly become a jack of all trades. The three jobs I cites as being the most influential on my life to date include an analyst position with IBM, a distribution supervisory role at Alltel, and a support position with Children’s Publishing.
However, I have discovered my true passion with my current trifecta of businesses: FlickArtist, Kitamu Coffee, and Ukuwa.
As a child, I adored music nearly as much as I enjoyed working in the coffee industry. My passion for music continued to grow and evolve until I realized a true need for a hub for talented artists to spotlight their work, progress, and upcoming events across the U.S. – thus, FlickArtist was born.
Kitamu Coffee provides funding and a physical location from which both FlickArtist and Ukuwa operate. This business has proved to be extraordinarily popular with audiences of all ages, though I use it primarily to promote a healthy, fun environment for high school students to utilize as a hangout and music spot.
Ukuwa is the pinnacle of the three businesses. A nonprofit organization dedicated to ending poverty, I plans to focus efforts on Ukuwa through continued media outreach and grassroots marketing efforts.
When I'm not busy running my three businesses, I enjoy interacting with my extraordinarily supportive network on social media, going to music shows, and managing several Ohio musical artists.

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