Morris Murphy

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Portland, Maine

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I'm doing both offline and online marketing. I have been studying for over 5 years and love what I do now. Although at this time I'm putting most of my efforts into offline marketing, I do enjoy setting up evergreen sites and sending traffic to them for residual income. My main services are mobile and video marketing, two of the most lucrative mediums in today's marketing world. Building personalized mobile websites and apps are 2 of my main services. I also, along with my partner, Kara, build videos of all types. Video is by far the best way to keep an audience captivated. If anyone would like to check out the types of mobile sites check out and for video .

I'm always looking for great things to get into as I never put all my eggs into one basket. Within the next 2 years I plan on being able to partially retire (No more than 10 hours a week, except when I'm traveling) and know that I will reach this goal as I am as committed to this as I possibly can be.

I saw some great potential in this membership site and jumped on it as I know something good when I see it. This platform has some great people involved with it and that is what drew me to it.