Mona McReynolds

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Hello, this is Mona McReynolds coming to you from Kansas City, Missouri, Heart of America. I operate in the prophetic calling and my heart is to mentor willing hearts and to teach and inform what God has taught me and pass it along to the next generation. Time is short and there is a lot of ground to cover that the traditional church has left out, thus leaving people hungry for more in their walk with Jesus. That's where I come in with some practical application and some revelation that will stretch you to go beyond your borders and move into all that God has for you. Jesus didn't just die to forgive you of your sins...He offers a challenge to you to move into the Kingdom of God here and now as you train and learn to exercise your Kingdom authority and power while walking by faith and doing what Jesus did. I want to help you do that. Visit my website with many helpful articles on it:

  • Work
    • Retired medical transcriptionist
  • Education
    • Some college