Mona Singh

Life Coach in Gurgaon, India

Mona Singh

Life Coach in Gurgaon, India

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Mona is Life / Executive Coach and an NLP Practitioner. She is proficient in multiple coaching methodologies and has completed 100+ hours of coaching including coaching employees of an MNC in Power Sector.

Mona has 13 years of experience of working with large corporate like Torrent, IL&FS, Siemens. She also has substantial entrepreneurial experience. Mona has leveraged her experience to mould her coaching methods and techniques to the corporate world.

Mona brings a different sensibility to her coaching assignments by incorporating strands from alternative healing methods such as Reiki and Pranic Healing. Her training in Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy helps add different dimension to her coaching style.

Apart from above, with many hours of self-study, meditation and self-healing, Mona has developed powerful qualities of intuitive listening and connecting with her client to assist them looking deep within themselves to find their solution to the challenges they are facing in achieving their goals.

Some of the methodologies she uses are:

Life Purpose : Answers the question "why am I here" and "what will make my life more meaningful"

The Brain Walk : Removes the hurdles that limit a person from being the best

The Brain Walk Solutions : Multiple solutions to a challenge

Relationship with Others : This methodology explores in detail why you have difficulty working or living with someone

Conversational Coaching : assist you in focusing on the core of the matter and rendering innovative solutions to issues and challenges

These scientific methodologies help identifying patterns and belief system stored in client's subconscious mind and provides tools to them to identify and change their behaviour.