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Yay! Hello and welcome to my page♡

So you maybe are here, because you wanna to get accepted in Instagram. You first have to read about me ugh.

So my name is Irem♡ ( call me whatever you want )

I'm 13 turning 14 on the 5th November

I have a huge obsession with anime/manga, kpop & girl groups!

My favorite kpop bands are BTS and Exo Bias from BTS : Taehyung

Bias from Exo : Chanyeol

I'm from Germany ; Bremen ;3

I'm a very careless person. Just tell me, when you're getting into trouble♡

My favorite girl groups are Blackpink and Twice

Blackpink bias : Jennie Kim

Twice bias : Momo , Chou Tzuyu

🌸Kins: 🌸

So I have only 2 Kin's ; Kotori Itsuka from Date a live and Monaca Towa Danganronpa. They personalities are just like mine and ahhhh! I love it when you tag me as them♡ Or especially call me as them!

💕Favorities💕 :

I have more favorite characters and it would make me also happy, when you tag me as them!

Lucy Heartfilia : Fairy Tail

Chitanda Eru : Hyouka

Dia Kurosawa : Love Live! sunshine!!

Maki Nishikino : Love live

Ram : Re Zero

Silica : Sword Art Online

( have more but they're my main favorites )

💭Do and Dont💭

-Do :

If you wanna be friends with me ( reasons )

Has the same favorites as me

Like Kpop / Girl Groups / Anime

-Dont :

You're racist and heartless

You are mean or hate some of my friends

Don't care for others or me

Are a catfish and a liar


Sometimes I can be a pervert and don't folllw me if you don't like hentais/ecchis. I warned you.

Bye guys! ♡