Mona Cayard

Investing abroad : benefits and limitations

Many investors who are considering investing abroad. Mona cayard Some investments may be effective. But not for tax reasons ...

Technical and legal terms, nothing prevents a French investor to invest all or part of its assets outside France. Since the abolition of exchange controls, freedom of movement of capital has become the rule Mona cayard .
This rule does not allow exceptions but it still implies the observance of some reporting requirements imposed to combat money laundering.
the formalities

Anyone who carries out of France over 10 000 dollars in cash should theoretically complete a special form to the customs. Otherwise, it may be subject to sanctions up to and including forfeiture of the hidden and a fine of 25 % of the amount Mona cayard .

Of course, the same statement is required when an individual makes transfers, eg to transfer their savings. But then the bank to complete this formality.

However, nothing prohibits multiple trips with 9,990 dollars in his pocket Mona cayard Except that customs can fully report the comings and goings of globetrotting to tax services.

Similarly, it is now perfectly legal to open a bank account abroad. But you know we should mention, on his tax return, the openings or fences account made ​​during the year. We must also declare the operation of the account, Mona cayard if it recorded a debit or credit in the same period.
Investments abroad

Buying a property can be perfectly planned, and you can probably find with the help of a specialist, geographic areas that offer good prospects for Mona cayard capital appreciation. But this type of investment supports the same risk in France : no one is safe from a sudden reversal in the market. Besides the management of a property abroad is both difficult and costly for investors who are not often on site.