Mona Dienhart

Photographer in Luxembourg

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Even though Mona Dienhart grew up in landlocked Luxembourg, her love for the sea started early, in a childhood spent watching the films of Jacques Cousteau. She purchased her first underwater camera, a Sea&Sea MII, before she had even begun her first dive course, already aware that she was joining a very fortunate elite who have the chance to explore the underwater world. She traveled and dived thoroughly in South East Asia and the Red Sea, calling herself a cocktail diver, unable to imagine diving anywhere she would need to wear more than a 5mm wetsuit. But soon the pull of the water led her to the local Upper Sure lake, and recently she discovered the secrets and hidden beauty of freezing cold lakes in the Alps! In the beginning, the aim of her photography was documentary, with a particular love and interest for the small and tiny critters. Very quickly though, she wanted to do more, to create, to capture the perfect moment, above all, to tell underwater stories. Then and now, she wants to share the ocean’s beauty, and to protect it at the same time. When she’s not out diving she loves to take underwater portraits in the pool, all from babies to brides. The only reason for her to leave the camera behind is when she teaches diving courses as a PADI MSDT.

  • Work
    • social worker - uwphotographer - dive instructor
  • Education
    • Le Parnasse - PADI