Monae Everett

Nyc, New York

Monaé Everett is a hair and makeup artist who is best known for her talent in enhancing each client’s natural beauty. Her collective work -- seen in print,film, television, and theatre -- shows her intuitive ability to identify a client’s best features, and emphasize these with the expert use of color, cut,definition, and styling, to reveal the innate personality.

She is passionate, creative and professional. She carries these characteristics into each project, regardless of size. She also brings an entire arsenal of equipment and expertise, backed-up by years of training in the fields of beauty, fashion, and advertising. An American Board Certified Hair Colorist and licensed Cosmetologist with degrees in Communications and Sociology from George Mason University, she has also trained under industry luminaries like Johnny Lavoy, Eve Pearl, Kevin James Bennett, and with top global cosmetic and hair care brands.

Above all these, Monaé believes that one’s natural beauty is best brought forward through collaboration. She is careful to respect creative direction and ensures that a client is involved in the entire transformation process of bringing out their best version.

A true advocate of beauty, inside and out, this former hair color educator immensely enjoys the time she spends as a regular beauty writer and invited speaker as well.