Mona Faith Mousa

Every once in a while we meet someone who we feel like we’ve known for years. Mona Faith Mousa, is outgoing, extremely friendly to a rare degree, and carries an innate ability to say anything with a charismatic punch. If you asked her she’d tell you she loves talking. She also loves interacting with her community, but above all else, she loves music. At the young age of 18, Mona decided that she would combine these two passions by founding her own company: Canvas, now known as Studio 7 Three. Using music as a vehicle to bring light to issues affecting young adults, she set fourth on her goal of taking artists on the road, in order to spread awareness through music.

Her love for the music and media industry started in her early high school years in 2003. Mona was heavily involved in her high school’s radio station, was the voice of the morning announcement and also deeply involved in artistic student councils, later on advancing to post secondary education to continue her work in radio broadcasting, arts and marketing. In the 7 years of her education’s career, some highlights included: founding the first ever exclusively spoken word poetry radio show on an FM station, honing in on her interview skills which would later prove to be an extremely valuable asset, as well as building a strong foundation of student leadership and community advocacy.

After leaving college in 2010, she knew that her career path heavily saturated in the music industry, was only just beginning. Having planned upwards of 20 tours in two years for independent artists in the GTA, Mona moved to Kingston Ontario, focusing her work with live music into a series called the Indie Music Lounge.

Having ran for 73 weeks, this series focused on Independent bands, touring, and locals who were looking for a tuesday night on their tours to showcase their work. This series in the height of its career saw the likes of bands from New Zealand, Australia, The United States and of course Canada. Alongside the Indie Lounge initiative, Mona founded a web based publications focused on the live music happenings of Kingston ON. Mona brought these initiatives together with the key goal of tying together the elements of the music industry of a small town and to allow for it’s residence to always have a way to access live music.

If you take anything from this I would say to you that her passion and love for the path gifted to her are strongly

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