Catherine Monaghan

Ontario, Canada

I am a recent graduate of Trent University, and hold an Honours Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Studies (Hons. BESS). As one of the inaugural graduates with the highest average, I was featured on Trent University's webpage during my convocation. You can read my profile here: I am also featured on Trent's Youtube channel in a video you can view here:

I am a current candidate for certification as an Environmental Professional In-Training (EPt) with the Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada. ECO Canada also administers a wage-subsidy program funded by the Government of Canada, known as the International Environmental Youth Corps (IEYC). I am a pre-approved intern for this program. This means that my employer may be eligible for a wage-subsidy of up to 33% of my starting salary, or $12,000 dollars.

I am currently looking for a host employer to carry out this internship. To find out if your company or organization is eligible as a host, please refer to the ECO Canada/IEYC Information sheet here:

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