Monamie Bir

Monamie is a Marketing Communication Professional, who specialises in Strategic & Inbound Marketing, Influencer Outreach, Reputation Management, Digital Media, PR and Event Management.

A Master’s in International Journalism from Cardiff University, Monamie is the PR Specialist for Digitant. With her multitasking superpower and extra brain power, she also works as a freelance consultant, understanding organisations’ business and communication needs and developing strategic communication plans to increase their audience engagement and revenue.

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With one eye on her on-going projects, she always has the other eye scanning latest industry trends. A curious creative, Monamie believes in continues education to meet current market demands. A lover of great food and expensive wine, she enjoys travelling, meeting new people and learning about un-familiar cultures.

So If you want to know about her cool ideas and creative plans to increase your audience engagement, get in touch with her.