Good evening! My name is Monara and this is my profile page. Now that your mind is sufficiently blown, allow me to lay it on thick. Congratulations on discovering my biography! You have won! Awesome things are going to start happening to you NOW! My name is Monara. But my friends call me Monara. You, too, may call me Monara. Below, you will find a lot of fancy sentences claiming to describe me. These descriptions are FALSEHOODS! Only I am qualified to describe myself. On the other hand, I am feeling pretty lazy, so please listen to them... I am a sassy, 162cm tall, 23 year old female with black hair, and I really, really like muffins! Do not even get my STARTED on muffins! Or Sunkist. I practically invented that stuff! Yes yes! Likes: maps, poetry, movies, long walks on the pb_autarky beach Dislikes: broken maps, bad poetry, bad movies, long walks off the pb_autarky cliffs Some of my interests include: cooking, teaching, helping, decorating, problem-solving, being vague, setting traps, exploring, sleeping, hair-flipping, eye-rolling, head-bobbing, skirt-twirling (but not skirt-flipping), building things and just being nice to you! I am a veteran shopper, accessorizer, administrator, big pile of leaves body-slammer, master of the make-up and head of the all-powerful gang of dapper house cats whom wear tiny cat fedoras and wield tiny cat automatic machine guns. We are a very tiny deal. I am also a magician! My magical powers include: coding, scripting, photoshopping, mapping, modelling/ and! I'm even good at! So far I have [very] briefly touched on: Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, C++, PHP and Python. Valve's Hammer Editor and Source Engine, on the other hand, are definitely my cups of pineapple juice; my forte, as it were! Did you just read that as "fore-tay"? WRONG! It's pronounced fort, like a pillow fort! Speaking of pillow forts, you like those, right? Damn straight you do! My current coding abilities are poor. So poor, infact, that on a scale from Pathetic to Awesome, I am Magikarp. Now I know what you are thinking. "Okay Monara, your coding level is Magikarp. What does this mean for me?" Well, kind and beautiful stranger, it means that if you were to ask me for assistance with coding, all I would be accomplish is knocking your coffee over and splashing it on your computer. A "Splash" attack, if you will. THAT IS THE JOKE! BA-ZING! Thank you for coming folks! Roll the credits! After that killer Pokémon j