Mona Zidany

- 2012 till now: Master’s Degree in Social Work. The College of Bir Seb'a.

- 2005-2009: Accomplishment of Bachelor degree in Socio-Political Science, with a minor in Mathematics. Haifa University.

• 2014: PR & Marketing Manager at Taghyeer for Social Media organization. Ramallah.
• 2014: Part-time job as an instructor of Language, Arabic Culture and Media at The Ministry of Education. Jerusalem.

• 2013: Founder of Tamra Cultural Institution for Readers.

• 2012 – 2014: Social Researcher and Translator.
• 2012-2013: Coordinator for the project of “The Rights of Women and their Social and Economic Empowerment”. Haifa and Tamra.
• 2012: Guide and trainer for children in need in unrecognized villages of the Negev.

• 2011-2014: An employee in The Financial and Marketing Administration at Cellcom Communications Company. Haifa.