MONDO ITALIANO Centro di Cultura Italiana

Benvenuti a MONDO ITALIANO! Mondo Italiano is the first "Centro di Cultura Italiana" open to ANYONE that is interested in learning about what Italy is like "oggigiorno" (nowadays). Mondo Italiano offers a unique combination of services that will make your experience of the Italian culture as enjoyable as possible. Whether you are a new language student, a business person, an occasional traveler or you are planning to reconnect with the Italian side of your family, at MONDO ITALIANO you will find a language solution that responds to your needs. Our friendly staff members and experienced teachers are awaiting to welcome you in our "famiglia" . We are happy to be at your service and look forward to using our expertise to design a course that will let you achieve your goals in no time! Check out the links at the bottom of each page for useful information about Italian news, fashion trends, radio stations and much more.