Mno. G

Hello , i'm Moneera alghusun ♥

a 18 year old young lady , who's Addicted to coffee & loves Italian food , creative in my own way ..

class of 2012 :) , Big fan of adele ♥ᴗ♥

from qassim , lived half my life in u.s.a and the other half in "Riyadh"

i've got lots of useless talents but some are really cute actually :P

i talk fast :| , cant sit my but for more then an hour in one place.

july is my month nine is my day.

a camera collecter , {Nikon user} Photography is a hobby of mine and not a profession but i'll get there someday ,video editing is also a hobby which i really really like ♥♥


(Designer,Event Planner .. TO BE )

i have three great brothers and two lovely sisters , i'm my fathers younger daughter ;)♥ My mother is my life & My family are my everything.

i Always keep my hopes high ♡ ~

Thank you for visiting ~