Monet Brittany

Connecticut, Usa

Sex and the city. Don’t chew too loud in her presence. A lover of quotes. Hates water. Only drinks water. Walks with a vengeance. A mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Clair Huxtable. Binge watches Martin. Loves Shenehneh. Obsessed with the colors black and pink. Only paints her nails nude, white, or pink. Rips her gum in two and just chews one side. Waste a lot of money on takes out. Love all restaurants. A foodie. Love popsicles. Addicted to social media. A fan of all businesswomen. Future media mogul. An old soul. Loves to read. Likes 2000s pop. Loves 80s movies. Al green. Pizza hut ten-dollar box is a gift from god. College student. Future teacher. A fan of trap music. Hood rat activities. Laughter. Claim your joy. Creates a vision board every year. If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working towards it. Poetry soothes her soul. Somewhere in between. Half way to nowhere. All she needs is faith. City girl at heart. Suburban girl. Enjoys learning. Perfume queen. love to love. Introvert. Mood always on Kanye west. Opinionated. Has a voice. Uses her voice. Fluent in sarcasm. Always-good vibes. Let’s talk. Face to face. Hates texting. Brittany is her first name. Monet is her middle name. Forever Style & Grace.

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