Kevin Johnson

They call me TrOoF; the ladies call me TrOoFey. I am a local aspiring musician from the south side of Phoenix, Arizona.

Working with a variety of artists & producers from all corners of the states. A highly sought after Arizona local from a Phoenix street-team named "Money Bandit Ca$h Gang". Signed as an Artist/Songwriter to Boss Entertainment (Local Arizona independent record label), i am know looking to take my musical career to the next level.

I like to categorize myself as a "Songwriter" because I like to pride myself on the variety of STYLE & CREATIVITY on tracks. On songs such as "Suck My Swagg" (recorded in 2010), i show off my superb wordplay & simile skills; referring to my "swag" as a cup of juice. Things like this is why people of all different genres can listen to my music & find at least one thing in my lyrics that they can relate to personally. On my mixtape "Einstein of the Mic-Line", I recorded a song titled "Nike Check Kid". In this song i rapped about different types of Nike shoes & styles I had personally acquired; AZ natives LOVE Nikes, therefofe this song got IMMEDIATE play.