Noel Franz

Federal and state law enforcer. Retired. I am married. A true visionary, I do not like the way our politicians are treating our people. And our corrupted government. Supporting other corrupted governments. I am a leader. I will not be bribed or corrupted. I love our freedom. I would punish those who would hurt us. And I will support the immigration. And I would, punish, big industries, who would hurt the American economy. For profit and gain. I want our next generation to be further advanced down the road. To see the stupidity, of our politicians ect. And small companies, making the employee's look like fools, and discriminating, I would like gangsta to come together and help rebuild. A better society. As law-abiding citizens. I am finding our high technology, is destroying the human race. Making us a slave to our computers. Producing laziness, with obesity. We need to advance forward and get off our planet. Start colonizing planets. We are destroying our planet. By overpopulated and polluting.. we are not replacing what we are taking away. These are just simple thoughts. Common sense. I'm finding out a lot of people, know the words. But the lack knowledge, allowing attitude to come in front of them. Thus destroying the fabrication, of the solid foundation for the future. !