Kasim Javid

United Kingdom

It’s really simple and a quick and efficient service provided by Money For Your Phone to sell mobile phones and recycle them. So go ahead and sell your mobile phone with money for your phone!

Company overview:

Money For Your Phone is part of the PingEcho group which consists of 3 main services including recycling mobile phones, repairing laptops and providing IT consultancy to large sized businesses. On receiving your mobile phones they refurbish and recycle them. If they can give your old mobile a new lease of life, we send it to countries in Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa. These are the places where new mobiles are least affordable and where your mobile can make the biggest difference, as landlines are often few and far between.

So, instead of throwing your phones sell your mobile phones to Money For Your Phone and get the most cash for it directly in your bank account or via PayPal, as you may wish. The choice is always yours!

Contact Details -

Kasim Javid

Money For Your Phone

Regal House, MiaII Street,

Rochdale, OLll lHY

Email : - Kasim@ineedamobile.com

Phone Number - 0844 887 4001