Money Logic

Based in Dallas, Texas, Moneylogic offers clients a path to financial independence and security through a comprehensive, seven-step strategy. An association of individuals, business owners, and nonprofit organizations, Moneylogic is overseen by a management team possessing more than 200 years of combined experience in the fields of finance, retirement planning, and employee benefits. By working with a number of established companies across the United States, Moneylogic gives its members the buying power of a large corporation, which in turn allows for savings on financial and services, everyday items, and even vacations. Moneylogic provides guidance to its members on a range of topics, including saving for retirement, increasing donations, growing a membership base, and eliminating debt. Moneylogic’s certified advisors are available to guide members through difficult financial decisions and automated expense and budgeting software is provided for day-to-day financial maintenance. Moneylogic's services include members-only discounts, legal and tax services, and identity theft protection provided through InfoArmor. The InfoArmor system is based on Washington Mutual's identity theft protection platform, which has successfully protected 10 million of its own credit card holders. Moneylogic offers some free legal services, including a will and unlimited advice on taxation and other issues. The savings on products, in addition to the financial strategies provided by Moneylogic, can help lower operating costs and increase profitability for businesses and improve the financial footing of families and individuals, as well. As an added incentive, the company even offers discounted vacation accommodations to its members. All of Moneylogic’s services come with a satisfaction guarantee, and its pricing plans can fit nearly any budget, starting as low as $9.95 per month. If members are dissatisfied, they will receive their money back as well as a free three-day, two-night vacation accommodation simply for trying the service. More information, including how to become a Moneylogic member, can be found online at