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For generations, wise investors have understood the timeless value of gold and silver bullion. Since 2010, Money Metals Exchange has been a trustworthy resource for precious metals. In only six years, the company has risen to be one of the most respected resources in the world.

President of Money Metals Exchange, Stefan Gleason, has vast experience in finance, publishing, law, finance, and business. He started the company in response to the many investors complaining of abuses by those companies luring in hapless customers using infomercials to sell “rare” and collectible coins that were often marked up 100% or more.

The value of numismatic coins is unpredictable. This is collecting, not investing, and it’s best left to people with money to blow and lots of experience so they can shoulder losses without complaints. Money Metals Exchange makes investing in bullion accessible and affordable for everyone, from novice buyers to savvy investors.

The educated staff of Money Metals Exchange takes time to provide meaningful information to buyers to help them learn more about investing their money into precious metals. Options include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper in various weights.

Beyond providing outstanding customer service, Money Metals Exchange offers a news service that currently has over 700,000 readers. Investors review the newsletter to find out the latest updates about precious metals.

Complaints from investors often involve the volatile nature of the stock market and the unpredictable value of currency. Stock tips turn out to be poor choices. The government determines the value of the dollar. Gold and silver are a viable way to protect wealth.

Smart investors depend on Money Metals Exchange for gold and silver at the most competitive prices. Gold and silver have retained value for centuries, helping people to accrue and protect wealth for the future.

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