Monibee Henley

Artist, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Highland, CA

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Hi, I’m Monibee . I’m an artist living in Highland, CA. I am a fan of music, arts, and singing. I’m also interested in fashion and dance.

I am the Vice president and A&R Manager for Round 2 Music, and myself, along with Round 2 Music CEO, Charlie Perez, are launching the music career for a very talented singer named, Brittany Nicole. Brittany's music is on the music link I have attached here for you to enjoy.

I too am a professional singer and to look at me today, the journey is what's dear to me because of my very humbling beginnings.

I was born on a dirt floor in Juarez chihuahua Mexico. Abandoned by my American father and crossed into this country illegally on my mothers back. Raised in my first humble years in the fields of Delano. Picking strawberries and cotton. Spoke No English. Didn't know what a bed was until I was 9 years old.

I spoke no English until I learned at 9 yrs of age. I was illegal and the kids knew it. So I was picked on and bullied. I learned how to fight at a very young age because of this. I looked "American" but i spoke Spanish. The kids back then didn't understand that-- it wasn't easy.

Then my American grandmother hated me ! And made sure I knew it every time I saw her.

I never knew where our next meal was going to come from. My mom struggled to feed us. I grew in strength and determination because of her.

I started singing professionally at 14 years old. I was able to share the stage with huge names in the Mexican music industry like Vicente Fernandez. Beatriz Adriana Juan Valentin. Los Tigres del Norte. Ramón Ayala. Los Humildes. Rosenda Bernal. Julia Palma. Marisela. Rigo Tovar. I recorded a single in 1982 -- A Mariachi song -- Prieto Chaparro y Feo -- that song reached the charts and gave me that business card to perform on big stages in Mexico and the US.

Although I still sing, right now it's about the success of Round 2 Music, and launching Brittany Nicole as one the next great American singers, to the world.

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